Monday, 15 October 2012

Inside Russell Crowe's shock marriage split

The Sydney Morning Herald website reported yesterday that Russell Crowe has split from his wife of nine years, Danielle Spencer.

"The couple, considered one of the more solid partnerships in Australian showbiz, faced rumours about their relationship in June when Spencer was pictured on a night out with Damian Whitewood, her dance partner from Seven’s Dancing With the Stars, at The Star in Sydney.

"Crowe later met his wife at the airport, showing a rare display of affection in front of cameras by kissing her publicly. It was dubbed as “damage control” by some commentators."

The Daily Mail reports: "The couple, who have two children – Charles and Tennyson, aged eight and six – have parted on friendly terms, the children remaining with Miss Spencer while her now-estranged husband continues filming the biblical epic Noah in the US."

The couple met 22 years ago on the set of the movie The Crossing (above).

Gawker reports: "Speculations about whether the divorce was driven by Russell's hectic filming schedule - he's got seven movies coming out next year - or the rumours of an affair between Danielle and her dancing partner Damian Whitewood from Australia's Dancing With the Stars. Other possibilities include:

  • Russell Crowe in fact assaults the nearest bystander with a phone before and after every phone call, whether successful or not
  • Danielle was a secret 30 Seconds to Mars fan
  • After learning that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett had split, the two simply gave up
  • Crowe taking upcoming role in Noah very seriously; moving with Jennifer Connelly to the desert
  • Daily unprompted circumcision debates over the breakfast table - "I will always stand for the perfection of babies, I will always believe in God" a generally off-putting response to "Do you want toast with your coffee?"
  • Dancing With the Stars rebranded as Facilitated Cheating and Spray Tan Zumba Hour; dance partners now required to have sex with one another during the paso doble"

Jackson kids promote energy drink 

(Michael turns in his grave)

A little magic from DListed: "Blanket Jackson was happily sitting on top of his ivory satin bedspread, combing his ebony unicorn mane with a tortoise comb when his auntie Detective La Toya rudely interrupted his beauty time by dragging him to some stupid event in Beverly Hills last night. The same event that Lindsay Lohan was at. Yeah, Blanket Jackson was not born out of an oyster blessed by Michael Jackson to mingle with common trash like Blohan. Even Detective La Toya's glowing halo of a face couldn't melt away Blanket's mean mug. Blanket Jackson is not here for any of this foolishness.
"As Detective La Toya, Prince Michael I, Paris Jackson and model Monica Gabor smiled for the paps, Blanket let it be known that he would rather be playing a game of patty cake with Grandpa Joe than deal with this mess. Maybe Michael Jackson was on to something when he covered up his kids' faces with those fucked up butterfly masks. Because look at them now, posing at the launch party for some stupid ass energy drink that probably tastes like urethra syrup. How dreadful."
To see all the pics of the Jackson family prostituting themselves for the launch, click here.

Lindsay says mommy isn't a cokehead

And here's another splash of deliciousness from Dlisted regarding Lindsay Lohan calling gossip website TMZ to explain what really happened in the back of the limo during that altercation with her mother: 
"Because Lindsay Lohan's rep faked their death, changed their name and moved to a small village in Pakistan to get away from her crazy ass, she had to call Harvey Levin at TMZ herself to keep her dedication to delusion alive by mouth barfing up a bunch of shit out of a bull's messy ass. LiLo says that her 4am fight with her mom was just a regular mother and daughter fight. You know, because you totally fight in the back of a limo with your mom after doing body shots off of the same shirtless dude at the cluuuuuuub. It's kind of like how my mom and I fight about my eating habits in her Volkswagen after driving back from lunch at fucking Coco's. Just like that ... Oh, and Blohan also said that Michael Lohan is dead to her, probably because he refused to give her a cut of the money he made from selling that tape to TMZ. Don't you hate it when fathers do that? I'll let TMZ tell you the rest."
And over to TMZ: "Lindsay called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- telling us, "I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine."
"Lindsay says her father Michael Lohan betrayed her trust by releasing a recording of her desperate phone call to the media.
"Lindsay tells us, turning to her father in a moment of desperation was a massive mistake and she is now "done" with him forever -- adding, Michael "doesn't know what it means to be a father. He doesn't want to be a dad."
PS She debuted new red hair at the Mr Pink launch on Friday night too. 

Gwyneth Paltrow turns rapper
Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have recorded a hilarious rap video to celebrate their gal pal Chelsea Handler moving her talk show, Chelsea Lately, into a new studio.
Handler shared the video of her famous friends on her show, introducing them as "Emcee Gwyneth Paltrow" and "Deejay Jazzy Cameron Diaz."
Paltrow starts off: "Yo, Chelsea. We heard that you got a brand new studio. But we know that you got on TV by being a ho ..." And gets dirtier from there ...
"You like black guys, white guys, whoever's around. Your bedroom looks like it's a lost and found. We kinda like you because you're blonde like us, but we can't hang wit' you in public 'cause you drink too much!"
Portia's Addams Family disaster

It cost $10million and almost two years to produce, but Portia de Rossi's new TV series - an homage to The Addams Family - called Mockingbird Lane hasn't been picked up beyond the pilot stage. 

However, in a rare move, the NBC network has decided to air the pilot as a one-off Halloween special. Portia's co-stars include Jerry O'Connell and Eddie Izzard.
The pilot-turned-special airs in the US on October 26.
Hot pics & clicks

* Lizzy Jagger has been photographed naked with a tuna as part of a campaign by Greta Scacchi to highlight overfishing. Since Greta started the FISHLOVE campaign in 2009 by posing naked with a cod, actress Emilia Fox and actor Sir Ben Kingsley have also stripped off with an assortment of marine life.

* Hugh Jackman celebrated his birthday over the weekend and sent out a couple of tweets and a pic of his awesome birthday cake: "On set for my birthday. Thanks for all the best wishes!"; "The best cake ever! From the guys and gals in the production office! Going to eat the claws first!!!!"

* I don't know who Taryn Manning is - an actress and singer apparently - but I'm fascinated to hear she's been arrested and charged with assault after a fight with her make-up artist in her New York City hotel room. She allegedly punched and kicked the woman in an early morning fight. Nice. Her defense attorney, Joe Tacopina, says the whole incident was blown out of proportion. Of course he does.

* See gruesome pics of Mickey Rourke's plastic surgery here

* Christina Applegate does high-kicks on Saturday Night Live

* Former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has appeared in a new video completely naked.
The 19-year-old features in the clip titled The Words showing off different body parts before finally revealing she is standing nude. See the video by clicking here

* "Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping," Kim Kardashian captioned this Instagram snapshot.

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